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About Medoron

Medoron's mission is to ultimately convert difficult-to-treat chronic inflammatory diseases of the prostate (e.g. prostatitis, CPPS and more) to treatable conditions through the power of objectivity enabled via AI and data. With our base in the UK, we are an international team of specialist urologists, microbiologists, medical hardware engineers, academics and artificial intelligence experts, most with extensive personal experience with the problems we are aiming to solve.

The Orion Probe is coming

The Medoron team is working closely with patients and doctors to develop the Orion Probe, a self-use device for patients to track and improve symptoms of prostatitis.

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In the future, we will enable forum functionality to allow feedback from the wider community. We currently estimate the Orion Probe's RRP to be £480 when it is released in the market, but that is subject to change depending on manufacturing costs. While our plan is to launch in the UK, EU and North America first, filling the form above will help us focus our efforts in enabling the Orion Probe to countries which require it the most.