Medoron is revolutionizing the field of urology through the integration of artificial intelligence and innovative technologies to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis. Started as a partnership between Georgiadis Urology and UCL academics, Medoron's first task was to develop a sensorized haptic glove to capture expert-grade digital rectal examination (DRE) movements and strength. This glove additionally captured prostate stiffness profiles, paving the way for reproducible objective diagnostics that surpass traditional methods relying on subjectivity.
The AI-driven approach involves collecting data from these sensorized gloves, which are then analyzed using machine learning algorithms. This process enables the creation of much more accurate diagnostic models that can identify subtle changes in prostate health than the current "feeling"-based approach. The aim is to offer more personalized and effective treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes and making prostatitis a curable condition globally.
Medoron’s vision extends beyond mere technological advancement; it focuses on accessibility and affordability. By leveraging data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology, Medoron aspires to transform prostatitis management, ensuring that innovative healthcare solutions are available to patients worldwide.