How One Man's Experience led to Helping Many Others

Chronic Prostatitis, a persistent and painful condition, affects millions of men worldwide. It often goes misunderstood and misdiagnosed, leaving sufferers in prolonged agony. Mark Swain, a 54-year-old finance professional, battled this "silent assassin" for years, enduring excruciating pain and countless ineffective treatments. His breakthrough came after discovering Dr. Pavlos Georgiadis' revolutionary non-surgical treatment in Greece, which significantly reduced his prostate size and eliminated his symptoms.

The Journey and the Breakthrough

Mark’s treatment involved a rigorous 10-month regimen of prostate massages, injections, and antibiotics under Dr. Georgiadis' care. The results were transformative: his prostate size halved, and he regained vitality and health. “As soon as I got into the treatment I was losing weight. I had less flank pain, more energy, I was more positive, felt vibrant, had firmer erections and less ear blocking. Now I’m 54 and I feel in my 30s. I’ve never felt so good. I feel like the doctor has given me 20 years of my life. I just feel like a completely different person who’s got a second life.” Inspired by his recovery, Mark wrote a book, "How to Cure Chronic Prostatitis and Get Your Life Back," to raise awareness and offer hope to other sufferers.

Medoron Orion Probe: A New Hope for Sufferers

Dr. Georgiadis, alongside an international team of engineers and researchers, has been working to develop and train the Medoron Orion Probe, an affordable, self-use device set to launch in 2025. This groundbreaking tool leverages decades of data and AI technology to help men manage prostatitis from home, providing a practical solution for those unable to access traditional treatments. By the Patients, For the Patients

Driven by his profound determination, Mark also created a website to support and educate those battling this debilitating condition, ensuring that no one else has to suffer in silence. For more information about Mark Swain's book and the work of Dr. Pavlos Georgiadis, visit: