What is the Orion Probe

A self-care device for Prostatitis

The Orion Probe harnesses advanced AI and Robotics to replicate medical-grade protocols with proven effectiveness (verified from image and lab data) to efficiently manage chronic inflammatory prostate conditions such as prostatitis and CPPS. This innovative approach not only delivers measurable improvements in patient outcomes but also ensures global accessibility. Developed in the UK by a highy motivated team of urologists, microbiologists, medical hardware academics, and AI specialists—many of whom have personal experience with these conditions—Medoron is committed to turning complex prostate diseases into manageable health challenges.

Precision Sensing and Monitoring

The Orion Probe features advanced sensors enabling patients to accurately measure prostate stiffness anytime, eliminating the need for subjective assessments. This device systematically records all readings and treatments, offering patients and their doctors an objective, comprehensive overview of prostate health. The accompanying software renders a 3D representation of the prostate stiffness map, giving patients, doctors, and researchers an affordable and replicable benchmark for evaluating treatment protocols.

Expert-Grade Protocols through Robotics

The robotics integrated into the Orion Probe enable sophisticated pressure and vibration functions. These features replicate specialized expert protocols, allowing treatments to be administered with precision and consistency from the comfort of one's home. The probe's pressure application is intelligently guided by AI, which has been trained by world-class urologists using data from sensorized gloves on realistic prostate phantoms, ensuring both safe and effective treatment.

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